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Ever since we set out on the koosh adventure, we’ve made choices as parents. Strong, committed choices to give our children the best.
our little obsessions


no. 12
Using fewer ingredients and only the best quality, naturally. This means we get all the benefits of their amazing properties without adding heaps of unnecessary extras.
no. 40
No synthetic fragrance. Why recreate something that nature has done so well? For babies, we only use 100% natural fragrances, without essential oils.
no. 56
A cleansing nappy lotion that’s 48% organic olive oil – no other oils. We could have mixed it with lower-quality oils to reduce the price, but we didn’t want to make compromises when it comes to little ones’ skin.
our little obsessions


no. 8
No petrochemical-based fibres in direct contact with baby’s skin. For our nappies, we chose to use Green PE/PLA, a 100% natural and renewable fibre.
no. 41
Tencel®, a 100% biodegradable fibre. More eco-friendly than viscose or traditional cotton. We chose it for our baby wipes.
no. 33
Organic-certified cotton so it’s softer, stronger and eco-friendly. The difference might not leap out at you to look at, but you can bet baby’s skin can tell the difference.
our little obsessions


no. 9
Making an effort with our packaging, ensuring it is at least recycled and recyclable. Like our nappy packaging bag, which is made of 80% recycled materials.
no. 11
Biosourced bottles and pump lids produced from sugar cane waste. It’s a step towards less plastic, and we think that’s fantastic.
no. 23
A packet made of biodegradable raw materials for our cotton wool pads. It costs more to make, but it’s so much better for the planet.
our little obsessions


no. 6
Bleaching using hydrogen peroxide instead of chlorine. It’s a no-brainer for us – we don’t want products that are harsh on little ones’ skin, so we don’t use harsh processes when we make our products.
no. 17
Choosing partners who share our vision and who make efforts with their own processing and cleaning methods to ensure they are gentle and non-polluting.
no. 45
Products and packaging made in France. Because if we can reduce our products’ carbon footprint, we say yes, yes, and yes again.
can we do better ?
We can always do better. In fact, we work on it every day. If you’ve got ideas to help us in our quest to do better, get in touch with us on

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